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Brief article that lists the colleges/universities in the Midwest that offer a degree in digital marketing

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The new age of digital media is growing so fast these days. The height of digital media is upon us. In so many ways digital marketing effects our daily lives. From the way we consume information, to the ads we see, to the products we buy, etc. Digital marketing is key to having a successful business in today’s age. With the need for digital marketing being in such a great need, the need for a digital marketing specialists is at an all time high!  This precisely means that the digital marketing degree is an incredible asset to have in today’s day and age.

digital marketing colleges

Are you interested in a digital media degree? Here is the list of colleges, and universities in the Midwest that offer the digital marketing degrees listed by State. Also the links to the programs themselves on the schools websites are also listed.


University of Michigan – Dearborn
BBA Degree – Digital Marketing Major
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
  • E-tailing and Retailing
  • Communications Strategy and New Media
  • Digital Analytics and Content
  • Managing Electronic Commerce Systems

Western Michigan University
eBusiness Marketing Major
digital marketing courses:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Advanced Internet Marketing

Eastern Michigan University
MBA with Specialization in E-Business
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Business Strategy
  • E-Commerce Law
  • Accounting for E-Commerce 


Graceland University
Social Media Marketing Major
digital marketing courses:

  • Seminar in Social Media Marketing
  • Emerging and Social Media
  • Electronic Commerce


Maryville University of Saint Louis
Internet Marketing, B.S.
digital marketing courses:

  • Internet Marketing

Missouri University of Science & Technology
Business and Management Systems, Minor in Electronic and Social Commerce
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing and Promotions
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Technology for Business
  • more…

University of Missouri – St. Louis
Digital Media Marketing Certification
digital marketing courses:

  • Effective Email Strategy
  • Strategic Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Blogs to Buzz
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying, Planning and Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Strategies
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation and Dashboarding


Towson University
Undergraduate E-Business Major
digital marketing courses:

  • e-Business Marketing
  • Principles of e-Business
  • e-Business Infrastructure
  • Advanced e-Business
  • Special Topics in e-Business
  • more…

Here is the list of colleges, and universities that offer digital marketing degrees in the midwest. Hopefully you find this list interesting, and useful.

digital marketing colleges

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