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Paid search

A brief article that explains in-depth what Adwords is, and how to excel in the field of paid search Google Adwords

Are you new to Google Adwords? Still Are you interested in learning how the paid search process takes place? Need a little help in figuring out what that means, or what that takes?? Have no fear! If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, we will supply that information for you below in this article.

As you may know Google adwords is an online advertising lets you target your ads to the type of customers you want, and filter out those you don’t. When you advertise online with AdWords, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for your products or services.

paid search

Google adwords allows you to reach your online marketing goals. You can use your ad campaign to drive visits to your website, call your business, or watch you video or just build brand awareness. You can even specifically target the exact audience you’re looking to market to. Whether that’s based on demographics, location or topics online, as well as different placements online for your ads. You can also select different type of ad formats, suited best for your goals. You have the option to choose from search, display, search with display opt-in, shopping, video or universal option that can cover all of these areas. You can even use adwords to target customers who have clicked your ads, but have yet to make a purchase. You can also narrow your search by using keyword tricks like broad match, phrase match, or exact match to optimize your results. Choose whatever works best for you!

Perhaps the beautiful thing about google adwords is that you only pay for results! You can decide how much you want to spend, and you only have to pay when someone interacts with your ad. Interactions can count as a click on your site, a call placed to your business or a download of your app, etc.

However, with all of these different ad options, you’re do Next I will go in, and breakdown how the paid search works in the adwords. Paid search works best for different types of businesses. These campaigns are ideal for people looking for specific information, services or resources.  Paid search is best for getting people to take a move of action. Paid search results often appear right under, or near the google search results. Paid search results often have a set amount of information in them. Starting with a headline, followed by a display Url, and then followed by a description line. High quality search ads contain extensions which have even more info, and calls to action that result in higher ad rank.

paid search

How The Payment Works

Payment from adwords for display campaigns can go one of several ways. You can choose the CPC or cost-per-click method which focuses on driving traffic to your site, and charges you for each click on your ad. You can choose the vCPM model, aka cost-per-thousand viewable impressions, which is great for brand awareness, and only charges you for every 1000thtime your ad is seen. Last but not least you can choose the CPA model or cost-per-acquisition. This model charges you for every person who clicks on your ad, and then makes a purchase, or wanted action. This model is a little more pricier, but equals more money for your company. Each model is controlled by a price that you set called a “max bid” that you will never be charged more than.

Track Your Ads Success

You can use data from adwords to see which of your ads is doing the best, and which ads may need a little more work. You can see which strategies are paying off. If an ad is doing well, maybe you can consider raising your bid on those keywords. If an ad isn’t doing as well as others, maybe you can figure out how to increase that ads efficiency.

Now you’re all set to begin making display ads on the Google network!

This link from Google explains in some more in depth about search campaigns:


Here’s a few video links that help explain paid search:


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